Kindly Giving: Thank You, Hamilton!


I will be doing a weekly blog entry on giving back.  Whether it is donating to charity, volunteering my time, volunteering my skills, or maybe just thanking those who have done so much for me.  Please take some time each day or at least each week to do the same!

Today I thank the entire Thomas Hamilton Primary School Community.  It was my son’s last day of primary school.  He will be going to fifth grade next year, which is the start of middle school in my town.

I thank his principal, all of the his teachers that have helped my son through out the years, the office staff that had to deal with my questions about policies, procedures, etc,  the janitors who the kids love and are the unsung heros, the parent council board who do all of the work no other parents can do (or really, want to do), to the endless volunteers who do attend and help when they can, to my son’s friends, and to their parents.  Thank you.  I have learned a lot from all of you.  Especially I have learned about Community.  When to give and when to ask for help. When to step back and when to jump in.

Onward and upward Class of 2023!

(Oh, and thank you, E – Congratulations!)


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