Beauty Dish: New Product I Love



Long time no blog.  I had been away on a last minute staycation with my family.  I am rested and relaxed and ready to share with you my latest beauty find.

I am not that delicate with my nails and chip traditional nail polish the day I have it done.  And, forget doing it myself, besides the unevenness, I have no patience to let it dry on my own.  So, GEL MANICURES were a revelation to me! But I have to say, I have always been a little creeped out about being exposed to the UV light to get it the gel to set.  I am fair skinned and freckled so I am already prone to skin cancer…why risk it?  Well, I always seemed to talked myself into it, convincing myself it was ok if I only did it on the rare occasion.  Well, no need anymore!  I found Sally Hanson’s Miracle Gel – no light needed and it went on smoother than any other polish I have used in the past.  Bonus, when I went to purchase it the cashier told me how much she loved this product too.  Considering she was 1/2 my age and I am really behind on beauty trends,  I felt like I found a hidden treasure.  Thank you Sally Hanson and CVS Cashier! 



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