Photo Tip: Photo Labs for the Consumer


I was asked by a friend this morning, where I would recommend she print panoramic photos that she took on vacation. Without checking first, I recommended Mpix is the consumer lab of one of the professional labs I use often called Miller’s Professional Imaging. They produce high quality prints and offer a great selection of products. Infact, if you purchase digital files from our sessions or we shoot your wedding, we will always recommend them.

So, after recommending them, I rushed home to actually see if they sold them. Unfortunately, I didn’t see panoramics on their list of print sizes. Maybe it will be something they carry in the future.

Then I started to think about panoramic photos and the quality of the images that my friend takes. If she is looking to frame it and hang it on her wall, maybe they should spare no expense and get the job done by the best printers around, Panopticon Imaging in Rockland. They offer high end art papers, custom framing, and personalized service.

But, if this is just for sharing and not for archiving, I would suggest Costco Photo Center. You can even avoid shipping and pick up your order at Costco in Avon. Their prices and selections are great and their printing quality is much better than the local drugstores.

I hope this will inspire you to print more of your images.  Keeping them on disks and thumb drives are great for backing up your images, but being able to pass around physical prints, leaf through albums and coffee table books, & decorating your home with fine art images of those you love, is never going to go out of style.





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